Hey, this is a FAQ/Link site for Petz 5

Yeah, so I've always been a pretty LAME gamer especially when it came to like, PC games... because i could never play WOW or Evercrack (haha) like my best friends (who are all boys, im not) because they give me to much anxiety. There is too much going on at once, and thats kind of a problem for me. And I could never play things like... Zelda or and 1st person shooters because they were all so tense. So I decided to start playing more calm games like Sims, MySims, Sims2, Sims3(SOON!!!), and now Petz 5. Yes I do make breeds and adoptions, but i got SO SO SO tired of making them all the time because everyone was always like "jill jill make me a cat! make me a dog! i want this that and the other!) Imagine how it is for Gramz (Judy at PCC) Yeah, shes my gramma. So i decided to just make a site that links to all the awesome places to get petz stuff. because really, its what i can handle. I have so much going on with school anyways.

So here, enjoy, and read/comment my blog while your around. Seeya!

By the way, christmas is not tooooooo far away.

so dont forget to drop me a line and say hello! maybe a gift or to would be nice, ill make one for you too. <333





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